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Figure 1. Adult granulate ambrosia beetle.

Ambrosia Beetle Pests of Nursery and Landscape Trees

This Entomology Insect Note describes the biology and control of the granulate (Asian) ambrosia beetle, …

11 hours agoEntomology Insect Notes
Pie chart of 2014 Renewable Energy Credits (REC) purc

Economic Value of Biomass Facilities Contributing to North Carolina’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (REPS)

This publication discusses the economic value of facilities that generate power using biomass contribute to …

12 hours ago
jpeg of Form T- Section 1 New acquisitions

Understanding Your Timber Basis

This note explains the benefits of establishing a timber basis for tax and casualty loss …

13 hours agoEastern Forestry Notes

Understanding Forestry Terms: A Glossary for Private Landowners

This publication lists and defines more than 150 forest resource terms to help you in …

15 hours agoWoodland Owner Notes

2014 Income of North Carolina Timber Harvested and Delivered to Mills

Estimates of income of North Carolina timber harvested and delivered to mills.

1 day ago

2013 Income of North Carolina Timber Harvested and Delivered to Mills

This factsheet provides an estimate of income derived form standing timber and upon delivery to …

1 day ago
Figure 1. Cross-laminated timber assembly.

Mass Timber Products: Innovative Wood-Based Building Materials

This publication explores innovative uses for mass timber in wood-based building materials. These mass timber …

2 weeks ago

Economic Contribution of the Forest Sector in North Carolina, 2016

This publication discusses contributions the forest sector makes to the North Carolina economy.

3 weeks ago