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2014 Pesticide Collection Day

NEWS RELEASE: Release immediately FROM: Paul W. Westfall, County Extension Director DATE: September 9, 2014 RE: Pesticide Disposal Day There will be …

Cover photo for Pruning Too Early

Pruning Too Early

Hold the Pruning Tools! For those with the urge to prune fruit trees and grapes now, hold on and put the …

Cover photo for Sweet Potato History-Did You Know?

Sweet Potato History-Did You Know?

* Central Americans were raising sweet potatoes when Christopher Columbus first landed on their shores in 1492. He liked …

Planting Irish Potatoes

Early planting of potatoes is important since they must grow and set tubers before intense summer heat arrives. Planting …

Cover photo for Growing Persimmons

Growing Persimmons

Growing persimmons is a topic that many people inquire about. Persimmons can be divided into two distinct groups: the …

Recent Publications related to Lawn & Garden

Basil downy mildew

Basil Downy Mildew

The identification and management of basil downy mildew is discussed in this factsheet.

3-compartment compost bin

2. Composting

This Composting Chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook will explain the benefits of and strategies …

13 hours ago

Vermicomposting: A 5th Grade School Enrichment Curriculum

This publication offers 5 lessons for a school curriculum on the importance of vermicomposting, setting …

13 hours ago

Controlling Mite Pests in Earthworm Beds

This publication discusses keeping mite pests at bay in worm beds for vermicomposting.

13 hours ago
Figure 4. Formica subsericea.

Formica Ants in the Landscape

This Entomology Insect Note describes the biology and control of formica ants, an insect pest …

Figure 1. Spreading granular ant bait.

Tips for Effective Ant Baiting

This Entomology Insect Note offers tips for baiting ants in an around homes.

4 days agoHousehold Pests
Phytophthora shoot blight on annual vinca

Phytophthora Blight and Root Rot on Annuals and Herbaceous Perennials

Identification and management of Phytophthora in annuals and herbaceous perennials in greenhouses and in the …

Vertebrate Pest Control

This publication, part of the 2017 Southeastern US Pest Control Guide for Nursery Crops and …

6 days ago