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Agriculture & Food

NC State Extension connects farmers, agribusinesses and communities with vital research-based information and technology. Research at NC State targets society's grand challenges. Extension delivers this research directly into the hands of North Carolinians, helping them to translate knowledge into everyday solutions.

Enlist Herbicide

Gary Cross Area Agent Crops North Carolina State University Granville/Person Counties Enlist Herbicide Held Up Enlist Herbicide has been held up by EPA. Enlist …

Wheat Planting

Gary Cross Area Agent Crops North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Granville/Person County Wheat Planting may be later than we expect With all the rains …

Wet Tobacco

Gary Cross Area Agent Crops North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Granville/ Person Wet Tobacco With the recent rains there will be struggles with wet …

Granville and Franklin County Rabbit Show

The link to register for the 2015 Granville/Franklin Rabbit show is here: https://docs.google.com/a/ncsu.edu/forms/d/1xtpQ6T41DiVpxXCsWw1f0vE4BSyZGavjOWVDQkA9AaQ/viewform?c=0&w=1 If you have any questions, please give me …

July 10th Crop Report

July 10th Crop Report Tobacco crop is progressing. Some producers are making a first cutting. They are also working on …

2014 Pesticide Collection Day

NEWS RELEASE: Release immediately FROM: Paul W. Westfall, County Extension Director DATE: September 9, 2014 RE: Pesticide Disposal Day There will be …

Planting Irish Potatoes

Early planting of potatoes is important since they must grow and set tubers before intense summer heat arrives. Planting …

Recent Publications related to Agriculture & Food

Health and Safety Impacts of Solar Photovoltaics

This paper addresses the potential health and safety impacts of solar photovoltaic development in North …

9 hours ago

Food Recovery and Waste Reduction

Increasingly, food service managers are choosing to recover and reuse food scraps and other organic …

Figure 1. Food scraps for composting.

Composting at NC Residential and Summer Camps

Residential camps generate food scraps from meal preparation, plate scrapings, and leftover or spoiled food. …

13 hours ago
Nitrogen deficiency

Tobacco - Nitrogen (N) Deficiency

By far, nitrogen (N) is the most widely applied nutrient for plant growth. It …

Scouting for Freeze Injury in Winter Wheat

This publication covers the signs and symptoms of freeze injury in winter wheat.

6 days ago

NC Industrial Hemp Posters

Posters available to print regarding industrial hemp in North Carolina.

6 days ago
Bacterial wilt in tomato field.

Southern Bacterial Wilt of Tomato

Southern bacterial wilt of tomatoes is addressed in this factsheet.


How to manage pesticides to control insects, diseases, weeds and other crop pests of strawberries …