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2016 Granville County
4-H Calendar

Here is the Granville County 4-H Calendar for 2016. Dates, times, and details are subject to change and events may be added throughout the year. For more information, contact Taylor Jones at (919) 603-1350. 20164-hcalendar

NC Cooperative Extension Service

Wildlife Damage

Gary Cross Area Agent Crops North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Granville/Person Counties Wildlife Damage According to North Carolina Department of Agriculture wildlife damage in North Carolina crops came close to 30 million dollars in damage. 19 million dollar worth of soybeans,5.6 million in corn and 4.8 million in wheat, peanuts and cotton. The large majority of damage was from deer. I have a soybean drought research plot on Rt. 158 where the deer have eaten varieties right to the row and stopped. I do not know if deer prefer one soybean variety over the other or if they are creatures of habit and routine and return to the same place every time. I have two to three varieties in the plot the deer never touched figure that. The negative to this is that looking for specific data points in yield, height, other environmental factors the deer damage creates problems for accurate data. Research projects cost tens of thousands of dollars and take many years to get to certain levels only to be destroyed by deer. Deer have become pests to crop production and the overpopulation of deer create damage for land owners and producers. 30 million dollars out of the economy that could have went for something more positive in agriculture would have been a significant impact in our communities. 30 million dollars means jobs, dollars spent in a local economy in retail, equipment for the farm, up grades to the land that is producing crops such as fertilizer, seed, and other needed issues. Just in sales tax it would be around 2 million dollars. I know there are many millions spent on the hunting end from buying gear, hunting equipment and some landowners make money from allowing hunting on their farms and that is a great issue. Somewhere down the road there is going to have to be a look at control methods that will satisfy all sides of this issue.


Clover Column

Check out the latest addition of the Granville County 4-H Clover Column. New updates and exciting events coming your way! nov.dec.4hnewsletter Questions? Call Taylor at (919) 603-1350.

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Wheat Disease 2016

With recent rains and humidity wheat could be put under disease pressure. Disease likes a ho humid environment. Head, Leaf, and Stem disease can come on with warm temperatures and high humidity. Glum MORE »

Update Black Cutworm Moth Trapping

This last week I have seen an increase in the number of Black Cutworm moth flights in our area. Tobacco and corn growers especially need to be on the lookout with young transplants MORE »

Cereal Leaf Beetle

Cereal Leaf Beetle numbers are on the rise. I was scouting fields in Person and Granville Counties. They will create a window like affect on the wheat leaves. The eggs are orange and MORE »

Black Cutworm Moth Flights

I have been monitoring traps in Granville/ Person County for Black Cutworm Moths. I am catching a few moths in both counties. Corn and tobacco farmers need to be aware that moths fly MORE »

Wheat Freeze Damage

Gary Cross Area Agent Crops North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Granville/Person County Freeze Injury in Wheat With recent cold temperatures and freeze and frost warnings wheat growing points could be damaged. Degree of MORE »

Early Corn Planting

Last year I did a study in Granville/Person Counties on corn emergence I will be doing that study again in 2016. One interesting note was the Granville plot was planted later and had MORE »

Farm Income/ Budget

With costs of production in many crops higher than income there is concern in the farming world. Some farm inputs are coming down such as fuel, land rent in some areas and fertilizer MORE »

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