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We Are Now Accepting
Registration for 2016 4-H Summer Fun!

Hello, Our Granville County 4-H Summer Fun Brochure is now available and we are accepting registration! Check out the fun activities for 2016 and sign up! Limited spaces available. 2016 Summer Fun Brochure Enrollment Form Medical Form Code of Conduct Scholarship Form


2016 Granville County
4-H Calendar

Here is the Granville County 4-H Calendar for 2016. Dates, times, and details are subject to change and events may be added throughout the year. For more information, contact Taylor Jones at (919) 603-1350. 20164-hcalendar


Granville County Teen

Granville County Teen Court is a sentencing/diversion option administered by NC Cooperative Extension for youth ages ten to seventeen and currently enrolled in Granville County Schools who admit responsibility for a misdemeanor offense.

At the moment, there are no upcoming events listed.
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2015-2016 2 year Corn Emergence Trial

In 2015-16 I ran a corn plant emergence study. In this study I measured off 40ft with 4 replications. I chose to flag the day 1 emerged plants to day 4 emergence using MORE »

2016 Corn Emergence Data

In 2016 I ran a corn plant emergence study in 6 locations. In this study I measured off 40ft with 4 replications. I chose to flag the day 1 emerged plants to day MORE »

Power Loss Related to Tobacco Curing

Here are some links to information concerning power loss during curing and generator capacity. Hopefully this will not be needed, but the threat is possible in the next 48 hours. As many of MORE »

Stem Canker

There has been Stem Canker spotted in soybean fields in Person and Granville Counties. The first symptoms of stem canker are dead plants with dried leaves still attached to the petioles late in MORE »

Aug 29th Insect Update

In the moth and insect traps numbers are up considerably. Earworm, Stinkbug, Armyworm, Black Cutworm numbers have doubled and will show up in Corn, Soybeans, and Grain Sorghum. Check out your fields in MORE »

August 23rd Insect Update

Ear worm counts have been up. Stinkbug counts are going up and need to be scouted for in fields. Black Cut Worm numbers are down so are European Corn Bore numbers. Army Worms MORE »

Hopper burn damage from potato leaf hopper on red maple

Maple Nursery IPM Update popular

I had several questions related to problems with maples last week. In the process I noticed damage from maple spider mite, hopper burn (potato leaf hopper), maple shoot borer, anthracnose, and canker diseases. MORE » – from   Wilson County Center

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