Granville County 4-H Offering FREE STEM Kits

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Granville County 4-H is offering 3 types of STEM kits free for all Granville County youth. 4-H STEM activity kits

The kit options are as follows:

Wiggle-bots: Wiggle bots

Wiggle-Bots are motorized contraptions that are designed and built entirely by kids.

Wiggle-Bots are more than a fun activity – they truly inspire. Watch eyes widen as wires are connected and Wiggle-Bots start to move. See how understanding and design evolves through experimentation and tinkering. Appreciate the challenge of going beyond step by step instructions and creating something completely new and innovative. It’s an incredible experience. How will you wiggle? Your Wiggle-Bot can be designed to do many cool things.

Wind Lift Activity: Windmill

Design and build a wind lift to capture and experience the power of the wind! Wind lifts make learning about wind power, energy, mechanical advantage, torque, work, and other scientific concepts fun and understandable. In this activity, youth will engineer a wind turbine to life a heavy load or raise a bucket with speed. Youth will learn how the shape, number, and angle of turbine blades affects the output of their wind lift. There will be plenty of extra parts to try different designs. A real pick me up.

Build A Boat: Boat

Use common materials to explore buoyancy and power! Design a working electric motorboat with this activity. Find your hull in the recycling bin (milk jug, foam tray, pool noodles, etc.). Add the motor, propeller, and other components. Set it in the water and watch it go. Learn through experimentation and tinkering. Evolve your boat through the engineering design process. This activity features Mini Hub Assemblies that allow you to create unique propellers by changing blade shape, angle, and number.

Kits will require some additional materials to be provided by the families.

Limit: One kit per kid

Registration closes August 12, 2020.

Sign up online

Pick up information will be emailed to the address provided at the time of sign up.

Email Lina Howe at with any questions or concerns.

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Updated on Feb 2, 2021
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