Crop Report for Week of July 1, 2020

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This article I will talk a little about some of the projects I have been working on this summer. The first is insect moth counts for black cutworm and European corn bore in two locations. Stinkbug traps in six locations in corn and soybeans. Tobacco bud worm in three locations, and army worm in 7 locations in corn, soybeans, pasture. Invasive species Sugar Cane Aphids in 8 locations. Test plots silage corn plot on the Butner Research Station. Grain sorghum plots at the Butner Research Station, orange corn plot in Person County, 3-year USDA popcorn plot study at the Oxford Research Station. Replicated plot for Sugar Cane Aphids in Miscanthus as the hot with different varieties. Looking at alternative crops, insects that have affected the bottom line, invasive insect species that still have unknowns of what the species can affect. Now we have to manage for dry weather which was need turning off hot, dry moves to the next growing issues in this season. Most of the wheat is out and double crop beans behind them there was enough moisture. Tobacco slow growth now catching up some but late. Pests like dry weather coming out of fence rows and fields turning brown for lush green growth. Keep an eye out for stinkbugs, bud worms, horn worms, army worms. With the extremes in weather, disease will be out there, especially with dry and wet weather. Scout your fields walk as much of the field as you can look for any changes in plant development.

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Gary Cross, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionGary CrossArea Agent, Agriculture - Field Crops Call Gary Email Gary N.C. Cooperative Extension, Granville County Center
Posted on Jun 29, 2020
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