Crop Report for Week of June 10, 2020

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We again are facing rain chances so field activity is going strong. Mainly spraying – cultivate and plant soybeans specifically. Tobacco is being cultivated and being fertilized from the last rains. Corn is being sprayed with Liberty or Roundup for weed control, plus a second dose of fertilizer is being applied due to rains. Soybean planting has been behind but is getting caught up and spraying is also being done for weed control. I am seeing increases in army worm moth counts, so be on the lookout in two weeks for hatching and damage. Stinkbug counts continue to rise so be on the lookout. Other insects such as black cutworm and European corn borer counts have been down. Budworm moth counts are the same as last week with no increase in counts. Do me a favor when you are out in this heat – take plenty of breaks, drink lots of water, and know what your limits are with the heat. For more information call your local N.C. Cooperative Extension office in Granville or Person Counties.