Sugar Cane Aphids

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For 2020 I have started monitoring Sugar Cane Aphids in miscanthus and energy and ornamental crop. Johnson grass is starting to pop out of the ground from rhizomes and are also a host for the aphids. Sugar Cane Aphids are invasive and can get into sorghum crops and destroy them. I have seen Sugar Cane Aphids in grain sorghum, sweet sorghum, forage sorghum, shatter cane, millet’s.

The big issues for us are the sorghum’s and millet’s – when the aphid population takes over, it kills the plant making it useless for feed, forage, or grain. There are measures to control but have to be scouted early with low numbers. If your fields are surrounded by johnson grass or shatter cane, mow it to keep control.

Remember, johnson grass and shatter cane will be up many times before you plant.