Crop Update

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Wow, lots of things happening. I see where many fields have been worked for corn and soybeans, but mainly corn. Some tobacco ground has been worked less than I would have expected. Wheat is looking much better after nitrogen applications and weed control. I do see a few fields with thin stands either from late planting or tillers did not do well we will have to see. I have seen thin wheat fields still produce and, if worst comes to worst, make hay out of it.

When planting corn and soybeans, look at spreading out maturity and don’t have all your eggs in one basket and have only one maturity. Look back at history of the fields to see what disease or insect problems you have had and plan accordingly. If you are planting double crop soybeans get something that gets some height not a short determinate or short indeterminate.

Planting early is okay past frost-free dates, but the issues you face with soybeans is disease pressure that could be a problem. With late-planted soybeans, insects become the problem. Scout fields check your fields throughout the year.