Pop-Up Grocery Store Tour

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February is National Heart Month and March is National Nutrition Month so we want everyone to savor the flavor but do so in a healthy manner. Eating healthy is easy to do and we provide workshops and information to individuals and families all across Person County helping them do just that. The main thing people can do to help make themselves and their family healthier is cooking better. Simple things like using less salt, sugar, and fat in your cooking process helps. Instead of frying foods, trying baking, grilling, roasting, etc. Diabetes and heart disease are two of the highest and deadliest chronic diseases in the community. By making simple daily lifestyle changes, you can live a longer and healthier life. To help you do that, we have a workshop to help you learn how to navigate the grocery store.

On Tuesday, February 25, 2020, at 10:15 a.m., we will have a pop-up “Cooking Matters At The Store” event at the Granville Senior Center at 107 Lanier Street in Oxford. It is a free 90-minute pop-up grocery store tour to help people understand how to eat healthy on a budget. The tour is targeted for families in need but registration is required ahead of time due to a limited number of slots. Participants will receive a free reusable grocery bag, recipe workbook, and lots of helpful information to help them learn how to purchase healthy food next time they visit the grocery store.

To pre-register, please contact Angela Wright by February 1 at 919-693-1930 or email jennifer_grable@ncsu.edu.

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