White Sugar Cane Aphid Control

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Gary Cross
Area Agent Crops
North Carolina Cooperative Extension
Granville/Person Counties

The White Sugar Cane Aphid was a late pest in our area of North Carolina. With the aphid being late, most producers did not spray for it. The main insecticide used to control the Sugar Cane Aphid was Sivanto, at a 4oz rate. With only one insecticide to be used in the coming year, there is worry about insect resistance. Like anything else when you only use one mode of action there is a tendency to create resistance. This brings up the issue of scouting your fields next year and working with threshold levels to see if you really need to spray. The issue of resistance will be watched very carefully by entomologists across the USA to see how resistance is developed and at what levels. Get out next year and scout fields early use thresholds and make your decisions.