Enlist Herbicide

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Gary Cross
Area Agent Crops
North Carolina Cooperative Extension
Granville/Person Counties

Enlist Herbicide has been held up by EPA. Enlist is a 2-4 D herbicide for cotton and soybeans with very effective control for palmer amaranth pig weed. This is an herbicide/ seed package with glyphosate to control broad leaf and grass weeds in soybean and cotton fields. Monsanto’s 2-4D product Extended, will also give broad spectrum weed control in cotton and soybean fields. Farmers will hopefully see some of these products in 2015 if not 2016. Multiple modes of action are critical in controlling weeds for productive and profitable farming. Advanced technology will make weed control more efficient without residual and carry over issues into other crops. 2-4D is a contact killer and has a direct affect when sprayed. There are questions on drift control on other crops. In our area it is tobacco and you want to be aware of conditions, fields next to fields you are spraying and weather such as high humidity and nozzle type when spraying.