2014 Pesticide Collection Day

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FROM: Paul W. Westfall, County Extension Director

DATE:   September 9, 2014

RE:  Pesticide Disposal Day

There will be a Pesticide Disposal Day on September 30th from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 pm. NCDS&CS personnel and the disposal contractor will be at the Southern States store in Oxford collecting old and/or unused pesticides for disposal at no charge. Anyone who has pesticides in the original container that is clearly labeled should bring those to Southern States 607 Hillsboro St., Oxford, NC, and they will be accepted for disposal.

The NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Granville County Cooperative Extension are sponsoring this event. It is open to farmers, home owners, and others with unwanted pesticides.

Anyone bringing a container containing more than 5 gallons of material should pre-register for the event. Anyone pre-registering these quantities should include an inventory of the material, the container must be labeled, and an on-site evaluation may be required.

The following items are NOT accepted at a collection event:

  • Non-pesticide household hazardous waste (paint, oil, gas, explosives, drugs)
  • Cylinders-hard metal casing
  • Mini bulks

The primary objective of the Collection Day is to assist the farmers, landscapers, golf course managers, and homeowners in Granville and surrounding counties safely dispose of outdated, unwanted and unneeded pesticides.

For additional information, contact Paul Westfall at (919) 603-1350/paul_westfall@ncsu.edu or Jeremy Maciejewski at (919) 219-8142

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