4-H Clubs in Granville County

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4-H Clubs in Granville County

*Club Name: Happy Hoppers 4-H Club
Leader: Sonya Ledet
Contact Information: Email: sonyaledet@mindspring.com
Focus: Community Club with interests in livestock, poultry, companion animals, citizenship, leadership, community service and personal development.

*Club Name: 4-H Rockers of Creedmoor Club
Leaders: Kim Holmes, Jerry Holmes, Tanaya Smith
Contact Information: Kim Holmes – KimHolmescm@yahoo.com
Jerry Holmes – jerryjholmes@yahoo.com
Tanaya Smith – tanayanichelle@yahoo.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/4HRockersofCreedmoor
Focus: Community Club with interests in community service, livestock, poultry, animals, electricity, gardening, healthy living, leadership, and citizenship.

*Club Name: Tar River 4-H Club
Leaders: Tara Haynes, Jody Haynes
Contact Information: Tara Haynes – Tara.Haynes@earthlink.net
Jody Haynes – Jody.Haynes@earthlink.net
Facebook Page: Https://www.facebook.com/#!/TarRiver4HClub/
Focus: Community Club with interests in nature, citizenship, personal development, science, technology, leadership, and community service.

*Club Name: Horseflies 4-H Club
Leaders: Kevin Gilliam, Julia Day
Contact Information: Kevin Gilliam – kevingilliam2569@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Https://www.facebook.com/#!?groups/124494387825/
Focus: Horse-Interest Club with community service, leadership, personal development, and citizenship.

*Club Name: SHOW 4-H Club
Leader: Selma Barker
Contact Information: Selma Barker – nanniebarker2003@yahoo.com
Focus: Homeschool Community Club with interests in leadership, community service, personal development, livestock, poultry, electricity, and citizenship.

*Club Name: Credle Cubs
Leader: Cindy Devito
Contact Information: Cindy Devito – devitoc@gcs.k12.nc.us
Focus: Afterschool Club with interests in birds, healthy living, insects, an clothing. Must be enrolled at C.G. Credle in their afternoon program to join.

*Club Name: Granville Explorers
Leader: Michelle Osborne
Contact Information: Michelle Osborne – osborne986@aol.com
Focus: New Community Club for ages 10 and up with interests in community improvement and personal development.

*Club Name: Flying Feathers
Leader: Sarah Akers
Contact Information: Sarah Akers – sarah.a@earthlink.net
Focus: Horse club with interests in horse bowl, hippology, and horse judging.