Rains Will Lead to Mosquito Activity

— Written By Carl Cantaluppi and last updated by Sandy Ruble

mosquitoDr. Michael Waldvogel, Extension Entomologist at North Carolina State University has come up with some tips to reduce mosquito breeding around your home. The warming temperatures and recent spate of heavy rains will lead to increased mosquito activity in the next week. Before people start planning their chemical assault on the biting menaces, they can put a reasonable dent in populations simply by engaging in some preventive tasks. Our most common mosquito pest is the Asian tiger mosquito which takes advantage of water-filled objects as breeding sites. So, now is a good time to correct problems before you start hearing that familiar buzz of mosquitoes in your ear when you’re sitting outdoors in the evening:

  • Empty or (preferably) get rid of those objects that collect water – old cans, tires, and trash cans missing their lids.
  • Put fresh water in bird baths and pet water bowls daily to eliminate mosquito larvae from becoming established.
  • The purpose of your rain gutters is to collect rain water, not pine needles, leaves, and other debris. Remove debris from your gutters and make sure water runs freely through them. And make sure rainwater doesn’t just splash and pool at the end of the downspout. Make sure it drains out into your yard
  • Likewise, drainage ditches in front of your property are not meant to become “mosquito swimming pools”. Clear them of debris and vegetation so that they don’t impound water and let it stagnate.
  • If you’re going to collect rainwater to save for watering your gardens, make sure you have a screen over the top to keep out debris and mosquitoes that are hunting for a good playing to lay eggs.

Mosquito control takes a community effort to truly succeed.